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Specialist Diagnosis & Medical Intervention for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder & High Functioning Autism Spectrum
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QANC is a unique, novel Medical Specialist Clinic entirely dedicated  for High Functioning individuals living with ADHD and ASD.

QANC was established by Dr Ashar Khan in 2013 with the vision to apply, educate and provide cutting edge science for the early diagnosis and intervention of ADHD and ASD.

During his 15 years as a Specialist Psychiatrist in Queensland Health, Dr Ashar Khan recognised the high prevelance of ADHD and ASD in individuals presenting with anxiety, depression and addictive behaviours.

Individuals and families with 'missed' ADHD and ASD struggled with confusion, marginalisation and stigma, along with the families' burden of care that was not properly identified or addressed.

Dr Khan also recognised the lack of training and expertise for Medical Professionals in ADHD and ASD. This contributed to ongoing complex mental health, treatment resistance and lifelong recurrence or relapses.

QANC was created to provide a unique platform of highly trained Medical Professionals comprising of Psychiatrists, Paediatricians and General Physicians to offer expertise in the Neuropsychiatry of ADHD and ASD.

QANC Physicians offer gold standard diagnostic and treatment pathways practise with a holistic ethos.

Are you high functioning

  • ‘High Functioning’ individuals: These are individuals, who as per evidence base, have been ‘missed’, or never received individualised intervention for ADHD and related disorders as they appear to be ‘Highly Functional’. These individuals may include:
  • Successful professionals
  • Seemingly smart children and students with A+ rankings
  • Seemingly pleasant and ‘well-liked’ polite girls
  • Seemingly intelligent and smart, often ‘gifted’ children and adults
  • The seemingly ‘Worried Well’ individuals who have been often treated for seemingly benign psychological problems
  • Successful individuals whose highly distressing underlying concerns about their struggles have either not been picked up, or dismissed
  • Seemingly stable and happy individuals who have been ‘missed’ because they are unable to ‘verbalise’ their struggles with life
  • Seemingly well-adjusted individuals who struggle daily with motivation and lack of zest or drive, and are often deemed as ‘lazy’ for seemingly successful and bright individuals who have been ‘missed’, despite their longstanding struggles with personal and professional relationships attributed to ADHD and related disorders
  • ‘Normally’ functioning individuals who have ‘masked’ their struggles with ‘self- doubting’ and ‘people-pleasing’ where gender and community stereotypes of for girls and women to ‘conform’, has led to their ADHD and related struggles being missed
  • For highly dynamic and intense, often ‘brilliant’ individuals whose frustration tolerances and anger has led to significant trauma and loss, at the expense of a possible ADHD contribution being missed
  • Individuals who were deemed as promising due to their ‘smartness’, and yet there is confusion about their inability to thrive from a possible missed ADHD diagnosis
  • Where impulsivity in behaviours, emotions and decision making from a probable ADHD has sabotaged the individuals dreams of success, stable relationships, and credibility
  • For individuals who have always ‘known’ that they have the potential, but have never been ‘aware’ of how the probability of ADHD has caused a sense of social exclusion, guilt, and helplessness/hopelessness, often leading to repeated burnout, exhaustion, and reliance on various addictive behaviours
  • For once smart, kind, and empathetic individuals, wrongly labelled as ‘Addicts’, instead of being assessed for ‘Addictive Behaviours’ probably related to ADHD
  • Dynamic, articulate, and intelligent individuals who were not able to be assessed for ADHD as their treating doctors did not possess the essential skills required for the complex assessment and specialist evaluation High Functioning ADHD and related High Functioning Neurocognitive Disorders.
The QANC Ethos

Physician Platform

QANC provides a team approach by a Psychiatrist, Paediatrician and GP under the oversight of Clinical Director, Dr A. Khan. All Physicians provide a rich and dynamic package of expertise driven by robust and proprietary assessment and treatment pathways.

Examine the uniqueness of each patient and their environment (both internal and external), while also, exploring their partners, carers and family journey and struggles.

Modern Science

QANC driven by an evidence base assessment pathway shared across all Physicians from the initial patient intake to discharge.

Education is imparted to individuals and families at all stages of QANC diagnosis and treatment pathways.


QANC ethos integrates human biology, medicine, genetics and evidence base across non-medical platforms of Psychology, diet and nutrition cognitive medicine, health and exercise sciences.

Family and Carer Focus

QANC emphasizes a shared care approach where individualised treatments are driven by medical and psychological needs on one hand as well as the social and emotional needs of the carers and family on the other hand. The principles of autonomy, patient and family choice are at the core of QANC values.

At QANC, treatment is only imparted after ensuring clarity, consent and preferences obtained by individuals and family.

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