The QANC Approach

A novel evidence-based shared approach by a team of Psychiatrist and General Physician.

Neurodevelopmental assessments for ADHD and/or Asperger Spectrum Traits/Disorder (ASD) are a highly complex process. This is delivered by the acquisition and application of a highly Specialised skillset by trained Medical Professionals in the field of ADHD and/or ASD. This experience is gained over many years .

QANC is ‘unique’ in its multidisciplinary evidence-based Team approach. It offers patients and families by creating a ‘unique’ platform driven by a combined skillset of a GP and a Specialist Psychiatrist.
Clinic Director provides overall clinical leadership towards all QANC Physicians.

Following are the highlights and uniqueness of the QANC ethos embedded in its pathways and practices:

Catering to individuals and families burdened by the numerous myths, taboos, and fearsfrom often invalid information and false assumptions by society.
By offering facts, modern science, and often the interpretation of Neuroscientific testing to individuals and families ‘tailored’ to their specific set of expectations, struggles and confusion.
Assisting individuals who have been ‘missed’ and/or ‘lost’ are given Hope through knowledge and intelligent scientific feedback to assist with Clarity.
Unravelling seemingly treatment resistant non-responsive psychological, medical, and addictive problems, often over a lifetime, by a comprehensive mapping and a detailed process to rule out ADHD and ASD related Disorders.
Catering to specifically ‘High Functioning’ individuals burdened by lifelong distressing struggles from Social exclusion, Bullying, and Marginalisation by ruling out the contributions of an undiagnosed ADHD and ASD related Disorders.
For ADHD and ASD individuals hoping to be ‘listened to’ rather than being ‘heard’, we unpack the ‘Why’ and the ‘How come’, rather than the ‘What’.
By a process of carefully reassessing lifelong struggles of our Patients and Families with a ‘bottom up’ and a ‘top down’ Dynamic and Clinical approach.
Incorporating current and past Physical, Psychological, Cognitive and Allied Health information from various clinicians and stakeholders. There is Hope in finding answers for every little detail and for what may have been deemed as irrelevant in the past.
Application of cutting-edge Modern Science in applying Diagnostic and Treatment pathways which highlight not only the unique needs of patients based on Gender, but also based on Age, in consonance with their specific set of circumstances.
An ongoing education of patients and families of the scientific facts and evidence-base to strengthen their involvement in a shared care approach, outcome, and management of risk.
Providing clarity and probing for ‘What is’ and ‘What is not’ ADHD/ASD with coexisting problems. Our aim is to not incorporate all that ‘Seems to be’ ADHD/ASD into a Diagnostic ‘box’. We strive to learn, appreciate, and celebrate the Normality of our patients’ life, their experiences, coping and strengths.
The QANC unique platform of Neuropsychiatry and General Practice, delivers Hope in a multidimensional novel approach. We provide avenues for physical, psychological, metabolic, social, nutritional, and spiritual revival. Through a Hope-driven, holistic approach.
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