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Specialist Psychiatrist
Specialist General Practitioner
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Specialising in Medical diagnosis and early intervention of ADHD and/ or ASD through novel shared multi-Physician pathways

In Australia, only a Fellowship qualified Physicians of Psychiatry, Pediatrics, General Practice ( for children) and Neurologists can diagnose ADHD and ASD

The QLD ADHD & Neurosciences Clinic is novel in its approach and dedication solely to neuropsychiatric disorders . It brings together a dynamic platform of medical professionals including a psychiatrist and GP working together towards the goal of identifying and treating ADHD and ASD in high functioning otherwise "missed" individuals.

All physicians work on novel evidence based QANC shared pathways and protocols for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and ASD as per Australian and international evidence based guidelines.

The QANC approach involves and educates families and carers at all stages of Intake, assessment and treatment.
This diagnostic pathway allows for formulation of multiple personal , psychological, social and physical factors as the diagnostic process is stitched together. Thus , at QANC, we look at what IS and what is NOT a diagnosis of ADHD and ASD as we arrive at a shared consensus via ongoing education.

For both children and adults , we firmly believe in input from all relevant stakeholders including carers, partners, family, schools and other organisations as needed. Only a holistic approach to diagnosis can lead to a holistic treatment plan.

QANC physicians are trained in the need for, and utility of, cognitive testing, physical conditions, medical problems and required investigations for pre-assessment of ADHD & ASD. They are trained in the mind-brain-body-spiritual model of disability and recovery focused model of care. We are inclusive of such bio-psycho-social approaches in delivering a tailored, yet holistic model of intervention .

"Some of the worst sufferers of lifelong neurocognitive disorders appear to be  functional and relatively successful, "normal" and often gifted or smart. Nobody can truly understand their inner dilemma, their struggles, battles with motivation which sum up their life burden. Not only are they smart, but also articulate and often don't display the behavioral nuances or social oddities of the typical ADHD or ASD. I refer to these sufferers as the high fuctioning or the missed ones. QANC is dedicated to such amazing and resilient sufferers and the burden of care that their families endure."

Dr Ashar Khan

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