Dr Ashar Khan


Specialist Psychiatrist
Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Director - QLD ADHD & Neurosciences Clinic
Asst. Prof. Bond University Faculty Of  Health Sciences and Medicine

For over 17 years, Dr Ashar Khan has and continues to break new ground in the understanding of mental health and neurological disorders.

During his extensive training in Neurological psychiatry, Dr Ashar Khan recognised the lack of early detection and misdiagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and ASD (Autism Syndrome Disorder). Furthermore, there was no integrated team that offered an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Simply, there was a lack of specialists properly trained or qualified in handling ADHD type complex disorders. This led to the opening of his own clinic in 2013.

In pursuit of the ultimate diagnostic method, he began work on developing the ‘Multi-Physician Diagnostic Pathway and Platform’ . This cutting edge evidence based, scientific approach is labelled within the QANC Clinic as the ‘New Science’ in mental health. Unmatched in Australia, it provides a comprehensive summary of the client's disposition, allowing for effective treatment, unique to each patient.


  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, Bond University Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • 14 years as a Senior Staff Specialist at Queensland Health Acute Care and Emergency Psychiatric Services
  • 12 years in Private Practice at the Gold Coast
  • Extensive, advanced local and international training and expertise in ADHD, ASD over a Lifespan (0-65 yrs.)


  • Fellowship The Royal Australian And New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP)
  • Membership The Royal College of Psychiatrists U.K.
  • Accredited Fellowship Training in Addiction Psychiatry RANZCP
  • Accredited RANZCP Examiner for Specialist Examinations and Registrar Training Supervisor for 10 years
  • Queensland Member RANZCP ADHD Network
  • Queensland Member RANZCP Private Practice National Committee
  • Queensland Member RANZCP Membership Engagement Committee
  • Member of Australian ADHD Professionals Association (AADPA), The World ADHD Federation, CHADD (USA), CADDRA (Canada)
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